Scott Ashton

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Scott Ashton

Scott Ashton

Scott Ashton spent eight years at UCLA, but not for the reason you think. In the shortest time allotted, Scott achieved a UCLA undergraduate degree in history, and then a joint JD/MBA from UCLA’s prestigious, business and law schools AT THE SAME TIME. As if that’s not enough, he studied abroad at Peking (Beijing) and Fudan (Shanghai) Universities-learning to read, write, and speak, Mandarin Chinese in the process.

Scott passed the California state bar on his first attempt (of course), and lived abroad in Hong Kong, Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore, and Sydney Australia, working in investment banking.

Scott’s natural tenacity and willpower manifested itself in a sub three-hour full marathon (2:50 – Long Beach Marathon), placing 3rd in a 100k running race in China, and is a two-time full Iron Man triathlon finisher, finishing his last race in Barcelona, Spain in 10 hours and 55 minutes earning him All World Athlete-Ironman status (AWA) for the 140.6-mile race.

Scott cannot tell a lie, as his ancestors include:

  • Richard Henry Lee: President of the Continental Congress and signatory of the Declaration of Independence- Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather
  • John Augustine Washington: Colonel in the Revolutionary Militia and brother of George Washington- Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather
  • Bushrod Washington: Associate Justice – US Supreme Court – Great, Great, Great Grandfather
  • George Washington: First President of United States and instrumental in the ratification of the U S Constitution – Great, Great, Great, Great, Great Uncle

With multiple million dollar personal injury results on his résumé, Scott is that rare lawyer that actually lives up to his family‘s expectations.