Sacramento Hazardous Roads Attorney

Unsafe Road Design and Hazardous Road Defects

Not all motor vehicle accidents are caused by careless or reckless driving. Some, in fact, are the direct result of unsafe road designs, poor maintenance and hazardous road defects. In these cases, people who suffer injuries or lose loved ones may be able to obtain compensation from the government agency or authority responsible for the road’s design or upkeep.

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At Ashton & Price, you’ll find the experience and resources you need to hold the government accountable for your injuries and other losses. Our lawyers offer more than 45 years of combined personal injury litigation experience and handle claims against government authorities throughout central and northern California. To learn more about our practice and how we can help you, contact our Sacramento area offices.

In most California cases, the deadline for filing a motion of intent against the city or other governmental agency is six months. If you fail to do this, you won’t be able to recover the compensation you need and deserve. Let our attorneys take care of the paperwork, begin an immediate, independent investigation — and start working to protect your rights.

Since 1996, we have obtained more than $100 million in settlements and judgments on behalf of our clients. That success is no accident. It is the direct result of our aggressive approach and our practice of making certain that we know the full extent of a client’s damages before we start negotiating and preparing for trial.

What makes a particular road hazardous? In our experience, the most common sources of trouble are:

  • Unreasonably dangerous road curves
  • Lanes that have been made too narrow
  • Improperly placed or missing guardrails
  • Blind or obstructed intersections
  • Severe pavement defects, including potholes
  • Excessively slick road surfaces (usually due to age)
  • Hazardous road construction debris

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We handle every part of your claim, including assisting with property damage and rental cars, if needed, and making sure you get the medical care you need, usually with no insurance or out-of-pocket expenses* necessary.

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*In the event you elect to receive medical diagnosis and/or treatment on a lien basis, your health care provider will be entitled to payment at the conclusion of your case, from your settlement or jury award.