Photo of Mikki D.Mikki D.
Roseville, CA
5/28/2013 5 Star Yelp Review
Craig Ashton handled my case. He was great and instilled me with quite a bit of confidence. He got me properly compensated for my injuries. The other guy’s insurance company offered $500 for auto repairs and nothing for injuries. If you try to go it alone and aren’t familiar with the insurance business you’re costing yourself dearly. BIG MISTAKE.
Photo of Janae W.Janae W.
Sacramento, CA
12/10/2012 5 Star Yelp Review
I used Ashton & Price back in 2011. I was in a minor car accident with someone that was driving a state-owned car. They were at fault but my insurance company wouldn’t help me and the state was taking months to pay for my car to be fixed, plus I needed to see a chiropractor and my insurance wouldn’t cover it. Ashton was extremely nice and honest. He told me that it was unrealistic to expect a payout (I wasn’t looking for money, just to get my car fixed and some chiropractic work) but they would take my case as long as I had realistic expectations.I turned over all my paperwork to them, they set me up with a great chiropractor, and I didn’t have to worry about anything else. Overall a great experience, and they saved me a lot of time, frustration and effort had I tried to pursue it on my own. My car was repaired and I was finally reimbursed for it, and my injury was taken care of.
Photo of Robin L.Robin L.
Rancho Cordova, CA
10/5/12 5 Star Yelp Review
Ashton & Price are the most professional Attorney’s I have ever worked with. I interviewed many other Law Firms, Ashton & Price being the last and I went with them on the spot. I’ve used them personally and professionally.They were upfront and honest from the very beginning. I was told the worst and best case scenarios and there were no surprises. As far as Attorney’s go, this firm is one of the best I have ever dealt with and I have and will continue to refer business their way….
Photo of Lori H.Lori H.
Orangevale, CA
7/11/2012 5 Star Yelp Review

Just called and spoke to Craig. He was more than willing to give me free legal advice regarding my daughters accident. I actually learned more in the 10 minute conversation with Craig then any conversation with our retained attorney.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with me!!!!!

Photo of Anna H.Anna H.
Lincoln, CA

6/13/2012 5 Star Yelp Review

Jessie S. doesn’t know what he’s talking about. They don’t work on an hourly rate they get a portion of what’s earned. And it’s NOT more than what myself as the client gets. You sign a contract and that specifically states how much will go to them and how much will go to you (typically a percentage) so there aren’t any surprises at the end. These folks are extremely professional and courteous. I would highly recommend them for any type of personal injury matter, without questions.

Photo of Steve S.Steve S.
Sacramento, CA

6/5/2012 5 Star Yelp Review

Happy to see a change when it comes to personal injury attorneys. I felt relieved that I could talk directly to my attorney anytime I needed either on the phone or in person. My case wasn’t very big but they made me and my wife feel like it was.

Photo of Marcia W.Marcia W.
West Sacramento, CA

6/4/2012 5 Star Yelp Review

My husband and I are clients. We really like their style, honesty and professionalism. They did an excellent job for us. We will always use this law firm. Great lawyers with great results.

Photo of Chance G.Chance G.
El Dorado Hills, CA

4/28/2012 5 Star Yelp Review

These attorneys were so helpful and helped me get my life back on the road. If not for them i would still be lost. THANK YOU

Photo of Carol Sebastiani S.Carol Sebastiani S.
Citrus Heights, CA
3/30/2012 5 Star Yelp Review
Ashton and Price have handled a few cases for me and in my experience with this firm I was more than satisfied with the end result. They proved my case beyond a shadow of a doubt. It wasn’t about money in my case it was about getting the truth and getting the other party to admit fault. In the end it was proven and at the end of the day if the other party would have simply admitted fault, it wouldn’t have cost the insurance company so much money defending her. Edward Shade defended me in the last case, in a one day trial and proved negligence on her part. It doesn’t get much better than that!
What Craig Ashton says is true he has reduced his fee to get the doctors paid for me a past case he handled. They know the law that is why I hired them to begin with. If more people would step up and take responsibility for their actions our insurance rates wouldn’t be so high.
Thank you Ashton and Price and staff You rock!
Carol Sebastiani