Sacramento Loss of Eyesight Lawyers

There is perhaps no more devastating an injury than the loss of eyesight. The injured person is not the only one affected, as the entire family will suddenly be faced with dealing with the emotional and physical requirements of blindness. When the loss of sight is the result of another party’s negligence or misconduct, the sense of injustice is overwhelming.

If your loved one has lost vision in one or both eyes because of an accident in Sacramento or anywhere in Northern California, talk to a personal injury trial attorney at Ashton & Price. Even if you are unsure whether the injury was the result of negligence, we will evaluate your case at no cost and investigate to determine whether you have a legitimate claim for compensation from the insurance company or negligent party. We will help you get the medical diagnoses and care you need. In most cases, no insurance or out-of-pocket expenses* will be necessary.

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As experienced attorneys, we understand the full financial impact a life-changing injury such as blindness will cause to you and your family. That is why we prepare every case to win in a trial and don’t back down from seeking maximum money damages.

Compensation for catastrophic losses may include damages for each of the following:

  • Medical treatment for immediate care and a lifetime of ongoing treatment
  • Costs and expense of special transportation
  • Lost earnings over a lifetime, lost earning capacity
  • Special assistive devices for the home
  • Medical equipment and maintenance costs
  • Shortened life expectancies
  • Noneconomic damages for quality of life losses

We have experience recovering significant insurance settlements and jury awards for many types of catastrophic injuries, including:

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From our offices in Fair Oaks, our trial attorneys represent clients in communities throughout the Sacramento metro region and Northern California. Contact us to arrange a free consultation with an experienced Sacramento slip-and-fall accident lawyer today.

*In the event you elect to receive medical diagnosis and/or treatment on a lien basis, your health care provider will be entitled to payment at the conclusion of your case from your settlement or jury award.